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For all of you following your CulMix soul, we would agree that most of our love for handcrafts such as sarapes, molas or mochilas, comes from imagining the hands behind such artful skill. Well, stop imagining. Thread Caravan will show you the way to places not listed in your travel guide, so you can create the CulMix pizzazz with your own hands.  Thread Caravan Weaving guatemala Karim Iliya       As wanderers of the world, we are always seeking the ‘local’ experience when we travel. When we found Thread Caravan, it was like finding our cornucopia. Their trips, currently to Latin America, are planned around learning a local craft. At any of their destinations, you will bond with the artisans while creating your own local flair.

Thread Caravan Guatemala Karim Iliya This company knows the destinations and the cultures. “We work with locals to learn about their culture, customs and traditional craft forms,” said Caitlin Ahern, founder of Thread Caravan. But these trips are not short of adventure. From fresh food out of a local chef’s kitchen, to walking on hidden paths that only locals take, or even seeing fresh lava flowing under your feet, these trips will excite your five senses. “We’ve already done all the planning, so all you have to do is sign-up and jump into the cultural immersion,” she said.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.52.55 PM The artisan communities they work with have mastered crafts in arts, food or drink, and passed on the traditions over generations. Thread Caravan provides these communities an alternative means of income, where their livelihood isn’t dependent on selling their goods, but rather on providing a learning experience to trip-goers, Ahern said. They also partner with groups that are well established in the community, such as Maya Traditions in Guatemala, which works on education programs.

experience travel guatemala This idea sprouted as Caitlin searched for ways to combine her love for art and travel and her experience in non-profit, social work. “I had always been interested in fair-trade, but I didn’t like that the model was dependent on consumerism,” Ahern said.

thread travel guatemala So, with Thread Caravan they made it about the cultural exchange. This is “an outlet for education, so that when the person does the purchase, he or she has a better understanding of where that product is from, who made it, and how exactly that purchase is impacting the community,” she said.

Thread Caravan
We are thrilled to see the idea of Cultural Mixology at a whole new level, one that we can do with our hands, while also empowering everyone involved, the artisans and the travelers.

guatemala travel thread caravan

Book your trip and if you use the “culmix” code to make your reservation, you will receive $50 off the cost of any trip! Check out their Website: www.threadcaravan.com

As for us, we can’t wait for our next CulMix style vacation!

If you’d like to connect more with them check out their: INSTAGRAM                       

This post was was written by contributing author: Julianna Samper. All photos are by Karim Iliya  are copyright of Thread Caravan.


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