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On our search for some CulMix, we stumbled upon two best friends from Chicago, who quit their 9-5 schedules and packed their lives to start from scratch at the heart of Mexico’s handcrafts, Oaxaca [wa•’ha•ka]. Together as Oaxaca Artisan Crossing, Erin and Hanna use their love for handcrafts and style to guide them on the path of intricate weavings and colorful embroideries.

oaxaca artisan crossing O.A.X. works one-on-one with artisans from the region, who produce everything from the raw materials to the finished product. This means there are only two degrees of separation between the awesome people that created the work of art and us.

oaxaca chic One of our favorite products is the O.A.X. Market Tote (pics below). It’s the perfect example of what we love at CulMix. It brings tradition with a twist of fashion and a touch of eco-friendly. Made with recycled plastic and traditionally used for the farmer’s market stroll, its contemporary designs and one-of-a-kind patterns make the Market Tote a statement piece with any outfit. It’s so practical and durable; you can even use it for your day at the beach or as your yoga bag.

mexican market bags And don’t get us tarted with their PeachyModa clothing line. Just like love finds you when you least expect it, the art of the traditional Oaxacan clothing found O.A.X. The unique embroidering on each piece brings color to any day. O.A.X, is creating a beautiful CulMix by taking this female-dominated art done purely by hand and combining it with their chic designs. The end result is a sophisticated design with a colorful splash of bold, yet delicate embroidery that will give you joie de vivre.

mexican fashion designer oaxaca designs Whether is PeachyModa clothing line or O.A.X. found art, we are stoked to feature them at Cultural Mixology.

If you’d like to connect more with them check out their: INSTAGRAM                       

This post was was written by contributing author: Julianna Samper. All images are copyright of O.A.X.


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