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Successfully capturing the essence of the traditional in a modern expression isn’t something easy to do; it requieres the perfect balance between stylish aesthetics, authenticity and ethics toward the people behind a tradition. This balance is something we recently found in MAKUA, a jewelry brand that uses ancestral techniques of indigenous communities from Colombia and CULMIXes them it with contemporary designs resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that each tell a unique story.

South America Jewelry Makua Cultural Mixology The brand is inspired by the beauty and exuberance of the Colombian landscapes, its birds, jungles and the countless kinds of butterflies….MAKUA uniquely captures the essence and heart of one of our favorite South American countries, not only through aesthetics, but through cultural artistic collaborations with The Embera Chami and Kuna Tule indigenous women. The Embera Chami are known for their work with artisan embroideries with crystal beads while the Kuna Tule are specialized on a colorful textile costume and art form called Mola.

social entrepreneurship MAKUA
MAKUA tells us they “work with fair trade politics and social entrepreneurial responsibility, seeking to empower indigenous women, encouraging them to continue with their ancestral techniques that they have inherited from generation to generation.” We have to say that it is this what truly captivated our hearts.

South America handmade Their latest collection takes us on a voyage through the Colombian floura and fauna and where you’ll find pieces thats fuse ancestral techniques with goldsmithing handmade techniques mostly with gold plated copper. It’s pieces like the ones above and below which will captivate your soul and fuel your wanderlust at the same.

South America necklace MAKUA Mola Jewelry MAKUA Colombian Jewelry MAKUA South America handmande MAKUA

Colombia is one of the world most geographically and biodiverse country’s  so it’s no surprise it’s a fountain for creativity. Colombia is thought to host 10% of the planet’s biodiversity, ranking 1st in bird and orchid species in the world and second in plants, butterflies, amphibians and freshwater fishes and add on top of that 314 different ecosystems….who wouln’t get creative with all these surroundings.

The creative mind behind MAKUA is Maria Paulina Arango who believes the “Jewels are objects that become true treasures in a woman’s life” and we could’t agree more!  MAKUA pieces become timeless stories which will complement your life’s moments through some awesome  CULMIX fashion, a chic originality, and most importantly the energy of the culture and and hard work and talent work of the Colombian indigenous women who helped bring them to life!

Cultural Mixology and MAKUA MAKUA is a must! To view their latest collection check them out at www.MAKUA.CO and follow them on instagram @makuajewelry

All photos are copyright of Makua Jewelry.


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