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CULMIXing fashion inspiration comes from many sources, for some it might be a trip, a natural connection to a geography/culture, digging into their family roots, and in some cases, like in today’s StreetStyle highlight, it comes from the experience of living abroad .We discovered today’s featured CULMIXer through an instagram post that caught our eye…he was wearing a Mexican traditional embroidered shirt with a very modern style. Here’s the look: Huichol Shirt Huichol Fashion We dug deeper to find about more about @angelodago‘s Mexican traditional shirt and the inspiration be behind his CULMIXing. Angelo told us “I was given that embroidered shirt as a gift while I was in Mexico last year “The Huichol are a native Mexican people that inhabit the Nayarit / Jalisco Sierras – very close to where I was living. A friend gave me that shirt as a gift and I wear it all the time – usually with some torn up denim and a pair of chucks (converse).” Once we heard this story we knew we needed to further connect and feature Angelo, he was so stylishly doing what our movement is all about!

We wanted to know why he was in Mexico and where this CULMIXing inspiration came from…Angelo told us –  “I’m actually a singer songwriter, but also work in the Advertising world as a Creative Director (Talk about CULMIXing). I was living in México for over a little over a year and during that time I was able to see a bit of the countryside apart from places I had already been. Having lived in other countries before I knew that the way to appreciate their culture would be through subtle nuances of living day-to-day, appreciating even the most frustrating of days with a little bit of food and music (the things I most connect with).” mexcican blanket Angelo shared with us another CULMIXing look with a little Mexican wrap Sarape which he tells us he actually found on the beach in Puerto Vallarta – when no one claimed it at the end of the day, he took it home! He usually wears this at night at the beach or will keeps it around at his beach house in case it gets chilly at night.  Pics by  Madeline Wolf @madelinewolf

Find out more about Angelo:
@angelodago (instagram & twitter)

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