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Women are the veins of this earth, the givers of life, which is why it’s no surprise that they are the talent that fuels Ketzali. With the recent passion of International’s women’s day, there’s no better month want to share this awesome CULMIXing brand we recently connected with. Ketzali is an eco-friendly accessories company that produces handmade products using traditional Guatemalan skills. Their products are carefully crafted  by independent artisans and women’s co-operatives. made in guatemala
This is a brand that possesses everything we love about fashion and truly represents what style means to the modern and Ethical woman. It’s a brand that unites women through hard work, social entrepreneurship and aesthetics. Just take a look at their latest collections we know you’ll love:

guatemala fashion Ketzali tells us “we help several Guatemalan women’s co-operatives with design & product quality seminars that help them improve and return value to the handmade product. These seminars give technical advice for the development of new textiles and clothing that help increase production and create new work sources for women and men contributing to decrease poverty and immigration to other countries.” Now, this is some CULMIXing social innovation we love.

Ketzali and Cultural Mixology From ponchos to scarves, beach baskets to bracelets, Ketzali has a wide variety of unique CULMIXing pieces that each tell a story and have the ethical luxury every modern urban woman is looking for. sustainable fashion One thing that captivated us about Ketzali is that the brand focuses on fueling creative innovation. The brand tells us  “We do not only encourage our artisans to create products with high quality, we encourage them to be more open to creativity and new technique.”

This month, we honor brands like Ketzali, but most importantly the talented and hard working women and artisans behind the brand. Ketzali is a must! To view their latest collection check them out at www.Ketzali.com and follow them on instagram @ketzaliaccesories

All photos are copyright of Ketzali.


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