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A legendary artist, a romantic and intriguing woman, a lover of Mexican culture and one of the most original woman of all times:

Frida Kahlo is like no other Fashion icon.

Frida Kahlo was an artist with a distinctive look and unique art which reflected her romanticism and love for Mexican indigenous culture. Her Fashion tastes were traditional, full of color and textures. Frida Kahlo was a women who did not follow society’s rules of femininity; a rebellious attitude which also manifested in her physical appearance: unibrow, mustache, body hair.  Through the years her unique fashion sense and physical manifestations have become the essence of her iconic look.


At Cultural Mixology we always love to see Fashion designers, photographers, magazines and pretty much anyone who brings to life the aesthetics of the traditional Latin cultures, but there’s no one who we love to see come to life more than Frida Kahlo. At Cultural Mixology we are especially in love with Frida Kahlo inspired fashion editorials. We looked at the many Frida Kahlo inspired editorials from around the world and picked our favorites, Take look at our top 5:


1. From Austria we were obsessed with the Frida floral textures captured by Atelier Olschinsky. These photographs blur the lines between art and fashion photography.

2. Who better than Vogue Mexico to Capture the traditional and Mexican fashion side of Frida, we love the Traditional meets high fashion in this editorial.

3. The Swedish interpretation of Frida Kahlo by DM Mode Magazine brought a unique and more angelical twist to the classic Frida look which caught our eye.

4. From Korea, we loved an asian influenced Frida Kahlo look by Singles Magazine, truly a unique and CULMIXing evolution of the Mexican icon.

5. Amica Magazine from Italy truly has a unique take on Frida, this editorial presents a colorful and a statuesque Frida Kahlo.


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