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You’ve probably heard of the term “Panama Hat”, but contrary to popular culture the art of of making these straw hats originates from Ecuador, not Panama, and they have been made there as early as the 17th century. The term “Panama Hat” is said to have become popular when president Theodore Roosevelt visited the construction of the Panama Canal in 1906.


Today many might think of these hats as the ones used by retired boomers in Florida, but we’ve found a new brand that’s mixing tradition with the modern urbanite lifestyle. Made in Ecuador, based in Wynwood, FL (Miami’s up and coming art district) Artesano is definitely doing some unique CULtural MIXing.  Artesano’s sticks to its roots with top quality hand made hats which support rural artisians in Ecuador, but tailors its designs to modern urbanites using unique patterns and bold color choices. Artesano is definitely a creative brand we are exited about!

Panama Hat

Panama Hats

Artesano Hats

Panama Hats

Just two weeks ago they launched their Wynwood showroom by autioning 10 of their  Super Finos Montecristi hats  which were intervined by 10 artists, now thats a blend we love: Tradition, Urban Fashion and Art! To learn more about Artesano click  here to visit their site.

panama hats