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A social movement and media site born to unite and inspire Cultural Mixing between the traditional Latin Cultures and the modern urban lifestyle, Cultural Mixology partners and helps grow brands and initiatives connected to the traditional cultures of Latin America, but tailored tailored for the the modern urban consumer. FASHION, TRAVEL, ART + DESIGN

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Buying an indigenous handmade bag in a small market in Peru and bringing back to NYC, drinking coffee from a Frida Kahlo mug designed by an indie artist in Colorado, and a high end designer using inspiration from the culture of Brazil in their new seasonal fashion collection are all examples of CULMIXing. It’s doing, using or creating anything that brings the essence of the traditional colors and culture of Latin America to the modern urban lifestyle.


Cultural Mixology was founded from the passion for Latin American culture of creative brand strategist David Velez Mejia. Contact: david@culmix.com

Fueled by Latin America and Based in Miami.

CULMIXing since 2014.