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This week Frida Kahlo took us all the way to Manila, Philippines; as if we needed proof that her flame is still burning.  The CulMix movement is real, and the exhibition Blue House: Philippines shows us that the movement is far from slowing down.

Art Asia Frida The show opened to a strong CulMix crowd of artists and visitors, who traveled for hours to attend the homage to the renowned Mexican painter at the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery in Metro Manila. The exhibition features original artwork by local artists, such as Anjo Bolarda, Isobel Francisco, Ren Quinio and Dee Jae Paeste among many others that bring Frida back to life through different art styles and concepts. Frida Kahlo Asia The exhibition celebrates Frida’s legacy. After all, it has been more than 60 years since the artist passed, and she still has an impact on how we define culture, art and style, not to mention women’s rights. So yeah, she is a big deal!

If you ask us, she is the embodiment of CulMix, we even have a day of the week dedicated to her, Frida Fridays!
Art Asia Frida Art Asia Frida The CulMix mind behind this fascinating project is Angelina Lourdes, an independent creative from Singapore, who we fell in love with instantly. Lourdes’ Blue House: Philippines seeks to inspire young men and women with the legacy of Kahlo into embodying that same passion that Frida exemplified.

How can it get any more CulMix than that? Well, what inspired her to organize and curate this exhibition was her project last year, ‘Dia De Los Muertos Singapore’. Singapore’s first and largest Mexican Day of the Dead celebration that featured a Frida Kahlo art exhibition component. Art Asia Frida Basically, Frida has been traveling around Asia lately, which is pretty CulMix. So, if you’re in the area, the exhibition runs until April 16th. Go check it out and share your Instagram posts with our #CulMix #FridaFriday. Art Asia Frida

This post was was written by contributing author: Julianna Samper. All images are copyright of Blue House: Philippines


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